Bowling Jakarta

Bowling Jakarta

Striking New Contacts

If you’re one of those people who speaks tech, marketing, or media language, then this is the place for you.

Let’s enjoy a friendly bowling match together and chat. No worries, gutters are cool.


Thank God It’s Kitestab IV

Oldshool bowling…

Hendel Off The Handle

Mine Flesh Mine

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Crazy bowling game 😉


    • Stop the zombies before they get out of the graveyard by shooting bowling balls of the same color!
    • Instructions: Zombowling Click or press the key for the ball of the same color of the incoming zombie to kill him. Click on the purple zombies that rise from the graves to gain extra points for the highscore!

– See more at:


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Subtraction Bowling

Haven’t time for training? Play in home or office!

Relief Teaching Ideas

sub bowling

Love this idea from ‘What the Teacher Wants’. I’m sure the kids would love it too!

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Storm Marvel-S Review

You must see this!

marvel_s_rgb__24411.1369253763.1280.1280Performance Review-
Here is my review for the new release in Storm’s Master Line, the Marvel-S. I didn’t expect a lot out of this ball due to the fact that the NRG cover hasn’t worked too well for me. This is a very smooth piece with strong continuation. Probably a great choice for wet/dry shots or sport patterns.

I drilled this beauty up 5.5 x 5.5 putting the pin above my middle finger. My personal view of this ball is a lot better than I expected, could be the centripetal core (one of my favorites) or just the perfect match between core/cover. This ball gave me strong mid-lane read and still continued thru the pins with the OOB surface on our THS pattern. When I shot the video for this ball, I was amazed at how well it went thru the pins for such a strong dull ball. I…

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Bowling Jakarta

Bowling Jakarta

Let’s meet together to play, compete and have fun!
First amateur bowling competition in Jakarta for digital, startups, media and marketing industries.